Commercial Air Compressors : A Buying Guide For Potential Customers

While the average air compressor you can pick up at just about any hardware or retail store will work just fine for the occasional garage job or tire inflation, commercial settings  call for an air compressor of a different stature and status. In commercial settings, it is usually a necessity to have ready air flowing at all times of the day to power machinery and equipment. Therefore, the basic models just won't do. As the owner of a commercial business who is looking to invest in a good air compressor, it is a good idea to get to know the differences between the different types if commercial-worthy air compressors. 

Stationary Single-Stage Air Compressors

Ideal Use: Mechanic shops and small-scale industrial operations

The single-stage air compressor is basically an enlarged version of what a lot of regular customers will park in their garage. However, this air compressor is much larger in scale and has the ability to produce larger amounts of compressed air for concurrent use. This makes the stationary single-stage air compressor ideal in shops and industrial settings where there are a lot of air tools being used, such as air wrenches and airbrushing equipment used for painting. 

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Ideal Use: Garages, factories, and other industrial settings

The rotary screw air compressor could easily be called the most popular and preferred air compressor type for industrial uses. This model offers a quite operation in comparison to standard air compressors, which makes it ideal in a workplace setting or even an enclosed area. The rotary screw air compressor is powered by two rotors that compress air into a holding tank, which makes this model not only exceptionally efficient, but powerful and consistent. The rotary screw air compressor is often used in industrial applications where it is crucial to have a steady supply of air at all times for use with things like sandblasting or powder-coating equipment. 

Two-Stage Air Compressors

Ideal Use: Manufacturing facilities and garages 

Two-stage air compressors can be either electric or gas powered, and they utilize two compressor pistons. Holding two compressor pistons means that air is compressed twice instead of just once, which makes this unit able to provide a higher-energy blast of compressed air. Even though two-stage air compressors are a little less common in industrial settings, they are the go-two model for manufacturing facilities that rely on tools like air hammers and die guns. 

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