3 "Eggcellent" Uses For Steel Sheet Metal In Your Chicken Coop

If you own chickens, you know that the chicken coop you use to house your flock is always a work in progress. There are a lot of easy ways to make this space more functional and find imaginative uses for different materials. Steel sheet metal can be an incredibly valuable material to have around, especially if you have a chicken coop. Here are a few creative ways you can make use of fabricated steel sheet metal in your chicken coop.

Line your wooden nesting boxes with pieces of steel sheeting for easy cleaning.

Most people create nesting boxes out of wood because it is the most readily accessible and inexpensive material to use. Plus, it is an easy material to work with. However, wooden nesting boxes can also be really difficult to keep clean. If you have some thin sheet metal hanging around, you can cut squares just big enough to line the bottoms of your nesting boxes. The slippery metal surface will contain fluids and protect the wood from getting too soiled. The metal is also easy to sweep out or scrub, if necessary, when you clean your coop.

Create covers for vents and windows.

Chicken coops should always have vents and windows because air flow is crucial during hot summer months to keep your chickens cool and to ward off excess humidity in the winter. However, there will be times when you need to keep these vents and windows closed. For example, in the coldest months of winter, you will have to use a heat lamp to keep your flock warm. Keeping the inside of the coop warm will be easier and more cost-effective if the vents and windows are covered. Cut pieces of sheet metal just large enough to cover vents and windows and attach them to the walls of your chicken coop using basic hinges. The makeshift doors can be opened and closed as needed.

Line the walls with sheet metal to amplify heat in the winter.

Most people use a basic heating lamp to provide heat inside a chicken coop during the winter. To amplify the heat provided by a heating lamp, line the walls around where it is situated with pieces of steel sheet metal nailed or screwed into place. The metal reflects the heat provided by the lamp back into the coop, making it much easier to keep the space warm during the coldest temperatures.

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