Accurate Measurements Through Diligent Maintenance - Sourcing Problems With Industrial Balances

Even the most blue collar and heavy duty industrial projects rely on some delicate components to be successfully completed. Careful weighing and measurement of components is the only way to guarantee accurate results, and so having an industrial balance that functions as its greatest possible capacity is an absolutely essential part of your process.

Unfortunately, maintaining a balance can be a skill that's outside the knowledge base of many businesses and individuals. Without having a proper understand of the warning signs of a malfunctioning balance, you may not even be aware that work is needed. Keeping an eye out for the signs below, therefore, is of utmost importance if you want to maintain a process with integrity.

Excess Vibrations

In order for your balance to correctly measure components against each other, you have to be confident that consistent forces are being applied. If you're dealing with vibrations caused by either your work surface or by the force of dropping products onto your balance deck, you may not be able to achieve the accuracy you desire.

Be sure to locate your balance in a quiet area as far as possible from heavy machinery which may throw off your readings. You should also be careful about the way you load materials onto the deck, as that can create shifting and vibrating that you always want to avoid.

Damaged Deck Surface

Whether the surface of your balance deck is standard steel, stainless steel, or another kind of resilient material, it may be worn down over time. The constant loading and unloading of inventory has the potential to create friction damage, and the sheer force of weight can be enough to cause stress fractures or other wear and tear.

Be sure to regularly inspect the surface of your deck for any new or growing damage. You should also consider occasional spot checks of weighing known quantities, as this can allow you to verify the balance is functioning correctly and not damaged by excess use.

Leaking Seals

In any industrial environment, dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants can pose a serious risk. Even when proper care is taken, you may be the victim of some leaking onto your balances electrical components which can run the risk of damaging their integrity. Keeping as tidy a work space as possible and regularly checking all seals is a great way to avoid this problem and to dodge having to replace expensive electronic components which could drive up your operating costs.

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