Keeping Your Forklift Batteries from Overheating to Improve Their Useful Life

Whether you're purchasing new or used forklift batteries, you will still have to do your part to keep them working for you as long as possible. Overheating can drastically shorten the life of your forklift batteries. Both your forklift and your forklift batteries are an expensive investment. Here's how you can keep them from overheating.

Stay Aware of Temperature

Your forklift batteries can easily heat up, which can damage them. You'll want the temperature of your batteries to remain around 43-degrees Celsius or lower at all times. Beyond that temperature, they can start to overheat. Overheating will prematurely wear your batteries or cause them to stop functioning altogether.

If you're already in an extreme environment, the heat generated by the forklift itself isn't going to help matters. You'll want your batteries in a position to take advantage of any air circulation around the battery compartment.

Temperature also plays a role when you're charging your forklift batteries. If you make use of fast charging, it can raise the temperature of the battery precipitously. If possible, employ the use of a charger with a temperature sensor to help mitigate the possibility of overheating during the fast charge.

Both of these scenarios can work against you. For example, if you demand a high level of performance from your forklifts, then your batteries can suffer. If they're used, then charged, and then used again with little cool down time, they're almost certainly going to overheat and become damaged.

Charge Your Batteries Appropriately to Avoid Overheating

Improper charging techniques will prematurely wear your batteries as well. This goes hand in hand with overheating. Fast charging is one thing, but even normal charging comes with overheating risks. There's many things you can do to avoid those risks.

Avoid a deep discharge—If the battery goes lower than around 20%, it's doing more harm than useful work. The forklift will run hotter around that time, which heats up the battery even more.

Fully charge the batteryMany operators have a tendency to charge the battery in quick bursts. This "opportunity charging" will wear the battery out very quickly. In addition, those quick charges will also raise the temperature of the battery before putting the battery back to work with no cooling. It's better to let the battery charge fully with no interruption.

Charge in a ventilated areaTo help with cool down, let the battery charge in a ventilated area, or under fans. Open the battery cover while it's charging. This is all especially important if you plan to put the battery back into service immediately after charging it.

Preventing overheating of your battery isn't the only thing you will need to do to maintain your forklift batteries. However, it will go a long way towards keeping your batteries powering your forklift for far longer than you would think. Speak with companies like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc about more ways you can keep your batteries alive and in good condition.

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