3 School Sound System Issues To Consider

Most schools invest in sound systems for their dances, graduations, choir and band concerts and other events. However, if your system is outdated or broken, you've got to look for a new system that will fit into the district budget and work when you need it. Setting up a new system can be tricky as well. Consider these issues when you're about to get and install a new school sound system.

1. Sound Levels

If your budget allows for systems at the so-called "top of the line," you may be looking for sound systems that promise high volumes and wide ranges. However, before you spend more on something you don't need, you must analyze what your school actually needs. For instance, will you be using the sound system for twice-yearly dances for the school body? In that case, a very basic system may suffice. Will you be using it for community-wide outdoor events? You may indeed need a system with multiple subwoofers and power speakers.

2. Sound Wave Travel

If you plan to have the system permanently set up in the auditorium or the gym, you must consider how sound wave travel will affect the areas nearby. Your band may need to do a dress rehearsal for their spring concert during the day, and the room next door may not be empty. Therefore, when considering the sound system itself, you also need to be mindful of sound-canceling efforts you may need to include. Will you be soundproofing the walls or purchasing other sound-canceling equipment? If so, you'll need to consider those costs.

3. Equipment Size and Positioning

If you purchase a lot of speakers without giving thought to where they'll be positioned, this could be an issue too. If your sound system is going into the choir rehearsal space, but you haven't measured the speakers nor the room itself, that can create a cramped space that isn't comfortable for anyone. Ensure your system won't overwhelm the space where it will be used most.

Cables will also need some thought as you work on setting up the system. You don't want students or faculty tripping over speaker and microphone wires. If you'll be keeping the system in one location, you may consider securing cables along the room floor or inside walls, if possible. This may mean you need to set aside extra money for this work.

If you're serious about your school's new system, consider these issues before purchasing anything. A professional installation should be considered too. Professional school sound system installation experts can suggest options, complete setup and provide ongoing support so that your events are always successful.


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