Working With Zinc Die Casting? 4 Safety Precautions You Should Always Take

If you're going to be working with zinc die casting, you'll need to take your safety seriously. Hot, molten zinc can cause serious burns, especially if you don't practice proper safety techniques. Not only that, but the industrial equipment used in zinc die casting can pose serious risks to your safety if you're not following proper safety protocol. To help you avoid on-the-job injuries, here are four important safety measures you should always follow when working with zinc die casting.

Store Your Zinc in the Proper Environment

When working with zinc, it's important that you store it in the proper environment. Storing zinc in locations that contain moisture can jeopardize the integrity of the ingots, and this can lead to problems during the molten phase. Always store your zinc in a clean, dry location. If you suspect that your zinc ingots have been exposed to moisture, make sure they're thoroughly dried before using them.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation While You're Working

If you're going to be working with zinc, it's crucial that you ensure adequate ventilation. Zinc fumes can be hazardous to your health. If the area you're working in doesn't have an adequate ventilation system, be sure to wear a breathing apparatus while operating your die cast machinery. For maximum protection, choose a breathing apparatus that will filter out small particulates from the air.

Don't Overlook the Equipment Maintenance

When it comes to ensuring your safety, one of your main concerns should be the maintenance of your equipment. Even if you're not the one who provides the maintenance, you need to be aware of the maintenance your equipment will need, as well as the scheduling requirements for that maintenance. Knowing what maintenance your equipment will need, and when it will need it, will help you avoid injuries caused by improperly maintained equipment.

Always Wear the Required Safety Gear

It can be quite cumbersome to put on all the required safety gear. That's why it might be tempting to avoid the gear from time to time, especially if you're only planning on using the equipment for a short period of time. However, even if you're only going to be using the equipment for a few minutes, you still need to make sure you're wearing the appropriate gear, especially the gloves and safety goggles. Those two safety items can help you avoid burns to your hands and eyes. It's also important that you always wear long-sleeved shirts when working with molten zinc.

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