3 Money-Saving Transformer Recycling Services

Electrical transformers play a critical role in helping to establish electrical grids throughout the country. Disposing of a transformer when it has reached the end of its service life can pose some challenges for an electrical company.

Recycling the transformer can be beneficial for the environment, but some companies may feel that the hassle of recycling isn't worth the environmental benefits.

Here are three money-saving recycling services that you can take advantage of to make transformer recycling more profitable in the future.

1. Multiple Voltage Recycling

One of the easiest ways to reduce your transformer recycling costs is to partner with the right recycling company. Some recycling facilities are only equipped to handle small voltage transformers. This limits the type of machinery that you can send to that facility.

Always look for a recycling company that is capable of handling transformers of varying voltages. Being able to take all of your transformers to the same recycling facility will streamline the recycling process and reduce overall costs over time.

2. Oil Recycling

In addition to the mechanical components, there are many other parts of a transformer that must be disposed of when the transformer is being decommissioned. All transformers contain some type of oil that is used to mitigate heat damage and lubricate moving parts.

If you want to reduce your overall recycling costs, find a company that is willing to recycle both your transformer and the oil it contains.

A recycling company that offers oil recycling services will make it easy to safely prepare your transformers for recycling without risking any fines or sanctions as a result of improper oil handling.

3. Disassembly

A lot of recycling facilities will only accept the base components of a transformer, not the entire unit. It can be costly to pay your employees to disassemble a transformer into its base components in preparation for recycling.

In order to reduce the labor costs associated with recycling, partner with a company that offers access to a rest zone.

A rest zone is an area where transformers can be dropped off by electrical companies, then disassembled by employees working for the recycling center.

More recyclable parts can typically be salvaged when the recycling center disassembles a transformer, and you will only have to pay one delivery fee for transporting the unit.

Recycling your old transformers doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. By partnering with a recycling company that offers the right combination of services, you can effectively reduce your transformer recycling costs in the future.

Contact a company that provides transformer recycling for more information. 

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