4 Cost-Saving Benefits Of Static Mixers

If you need to buy mixers for your production lines or operational processes, then you can use dynamic or static products. While dynamic mixers have benefits, static products can be a more cost-effective alternative that saves you money.

Why are static mixers more economical?

1. Lower Purchasing Costs

Dynamic mixers are usually more expensive than static models. Dynamic products contain more parts; they are more complex to build. This increases their costs. Static mixers don't contain as many parts. They don't need a system to make them move as they mix. So, they cost less to buy.

2. Cheaper Installation Costs

Dynamic mixers are more complex machines. They take longer to install, and you usually need an experienced technician to do this job. Static mixers are simple to install. You simply slot them into an existing pipeline or system. If you have workers on site with basic pipework skills, then they should be able to install this kind of mixer for you.

3. Fewer Maintenance and Repair Costs

Dynamic mixers have a lot of parts. Many of these parts have to move to create the right mixing action for your processes. This mix of multiple parts and movement stresses makes these mixers more likely to need maintenance work and repairs. Plus, if you have to mix difficult materials, then you might have to clean out a mixer to remove residues before you can use it again. This maintenance time also affects your productivity.

Static mixers have fewer parts; none of them need to move. The materials you mix create an automatic mixing flow when they enter the mixer. So, the mixer is put under less stress. You should save on maintenance and repair costs. You can also use disposable static mixers. This is a useful solution if you don't want to spend a lot of maintenance cleaning time after a mix. You can simply switch in a new mixer.

4. No Extra Power Load Costs

If you add a dynamic mixer to a production pipe, then the mixer adds to the pipe's power load. You will use extra energy to power the mixer as it works. This increases your energy usage and costs. A static mixer doesn't have any external power needs. It uses the flow of the substances it mixes to create its own energy during the mixing process.

So, you can add a static mixer to a process without affecting its overall power usage or costs. The mixer won't increase your current operating or manufacturing costs. To find out more, contact a local company like SRS International Direct.

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